When Time is Short


How does a prayer cell operate in these days?


The vision remains the same, however times have changed and forty-five years later circumstances for women are very different.  Few prayer cells are able to meet for the ideal, which is a day; the majority can manage a half day at most.  God however is aware of our circumstances and provides ways for us to retain the essence of the vision He gave us.  The heart of Lydia is the prayer cell, and the essence is hearing God for His prayers through Holy Spirit led Biblical Meditation.


Our Lydia leaflet Steps to the Throne [See our Literature page for further information] gives the basic key steps for effective prayer.  Lydia Prayer Cells do not use these steps in a legalistic manner, however the principles laid out need to be understood by each cell member if unity is to be attained.  Each cell can adapt the way these principles are applied to suit their circumstances.  Here we are looking at the need to utilise the precious time we have together in the best way possible.  When time is limited it is important to prepare beforehand and arrive in time to begin promptly.


Step 1  Be Still.

However limited time is it is good to begin by entering into stillness and worship together.  As we draw near to God He will draw near to us, and we find that we also draw near to one another.  During this time of stillness and quiet the Holy Spirit may convict us of the need of repentance or submission, or simply lead us to a deeper place of worship.  Wherever He leads us we should follow, we can trust The Holy Spirit to speak to us in the silence and direct us in our worship.


Step 2 Be Clean.

This is a step that can be done prior to the meeting as we take time to let The Holy Spirit search our hearts and respond to His promptings.  We can then proceed with our prayer time with clean hands and hearts and only take the time together for further repentance if The Holy Spirit brings the need to light.


Step 3 Be Armed and Armoured.

Again each of us can come to the meeting in full armour.  This is an important step not to be skipped, but needs only briefly touching on if each cell member is prepared.


Step 4  Be Submissive.

A vital step to hearing God’s voice which can be taken as part of our personal preparation, always open to any further prompting received during the meeting.


Step 5  Be Obedient.

With our hearts prepared in advance we can be assured that we will, when challenged, speak out what He brings to our minds and express it in prayer.


With these steps of preparation complete we together enter into the very heart of our purpose and time together.  In order to hear God clearly we come to a time of Biblical Meditation.  To do this there are two essential ingredients, The Word of God and The Holy Spirit.  We are not entering into a time of Bible Study, rather a time when the written Word becomes the living Word, when that which is in our heads journeys to our hearts and spirits.  It is usual for the prayer cell leader to seek God for the right scripture prior to the meeting, but we do need to be sensitive to The Holy Spirit who may give a clear word when we come together,  It is essential that we meditate together, first with the reading of the scripture, followed by a time of silence allowing enough time for The Holy Spirit to speak to each of us separately and for us to be able to write it down.  Then comes a time to share together what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us individually, in order to ascertain what is on God’s heart for us to pray for, and how to pray the Spirit filled prayer He desires to hear.  This cannot be done beforehand and cannot be hurried.  This is the place at which the Steps become fully active as their work has become complete in our hearts.  We may not even notice this but God is faithful to His Word.



Step 6  Be Steadfast.

The prayer cell leader, together with the backing and support of the entire cell, should ensure that enough time is given to pray all that God has revealed concerning the immediate prayer burden.  It is important not to move on from one subject until it is clear to all that God’s given prayer burden has been fulfilled.  It is better to pray for only one subject in full than to cover many in part.  Sometimes this may carry over into the next meeting.  


Step 7  Be Thankful.

Another step for which we need to be together, so enough time should be allowed for this to take place.  Thankfulness includes Praise, times which are precious to us and to God.  From the place of praise we can part full of faith for what God is going to do and be protected from any attempt of the enemy to attack our victory.



I have had the immense privilege of visiting and praying with many Lydia Prayer Cells over the years and am always amazed that each one has been different and yet each one the same.  I have always felt at home, able to slip in and take part with ease.  This is the wonder of what God can do when we are committed to Him in intercession.  Despite the differences the constant has always been the need not to pray our own prayers but to hear God for what is on His heart through Biblical Meditation.  I have found that the meditation and the steps become a way of life, as natural as breathing and to me they are what makes Lydia a unique calling for such a time as this.  Please look at our Literature page to see what is available, I have barely scratched the surface of the Steps leaflet and there are many others.  You can reach us via the Contact Us page should you have any queries.




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