How Lydia Operates


Lydia Fellowship

. . .  a trans-denominational Prayer network of Christian women who are committed to regular times of sustained prayer with fasting at least once a calendar month, for the Church, Community, Country and Nations of the world.

The 'Heartbeat' of Lydia

Lydia encourages women to meet together with a "prayer-partner" or in small groups of 3 - 5 women.  Each Prayer Group is responsible to seek God for his specific agenda for prayer by the group.

Each group meets on a designated day, time and place.


Lydia is trans-denominational and has a high respect for church leadership. No woman can be part of the fellowship without the agreement of her spiritual oversight.

The fellowship is open to all mature Christian women aged 18 or over who are willing to work within the Lydia guidelines and leadership framework.


A variety of conferences, retreats, link days and focus meetings are held at regional, national and international levels. 

While maintaining its own unique vision, Lydia actively supports and cooperates with other prayer initiatives and is often represented on national and international bodies.


The emphasis is on worship, Bible meditation and being personally led in prayer by the Holy Spirit


Lydia offers a range of literature which is available to members upon request.  In most cases this will be provided free of charge. The literature includes practical guidance on a number of subjects such as Biblical meditation, Fasting, Entering into God's presence, and other prayer related topics.


Lydia is a voluntary fellowship and strives to maintain a lean structure, with minimal overheads. There are for example, no headquarters and no paid staff whatsoever.



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The work of Lydia is overseen by Prayer and Planning Teams that operate at local, regional, national and international levels.  The fellowship operates in consensus within an agreed international policy framework.



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